In the face of turbocapitalism and market fundamentalism, global terrorist attacks, wars and refugees, massive environmental dysfunctions, hunger, natural catastrophes and exploitation of all areas of life,
we ask the questions:

What does mysticism mean to you?

  Is mysticism a human right? ….. a neglected area of life? … frippery?
Do we need mystical knowledge and spiritual practice with mystical embodied experiences?
Is mysticism relevant in a political sense? ….is it a new kind of activism?

Do we have too much of everything, and too little of God?

Annemarie Matzakow

initiator and
project management

Maria Cristina Tangorra

project management

Andrea Del Guercio


Impressions of an installation of "Voices of the World" in Palazzo Caccia Canali,
Museo Sant'Oreste, Sant'Oreste Rom (Italy) March 2018

Impressions of an installation
of "Voices of the World" in Freiburg, Germany, November 2017

Some samples

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